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Strategies for Profitable Growth: Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
The aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing industry is always changing. That’s why A&D manufacturers are constantly seeking better ways to manage complexity,

sivco furs  coherent, integrated, and comprehen- sive information technology solution. They also show how various processes are covered, including the processes that SAP and its partners support. With solution maps, you quickly understand business solutions and the business value they can bring. A complete library of solution maps, business maps, and business-scenario maps for the A&D manufacturing industry is available at www.sap.com/businessmaps and then select Industry-Specific Business Maps. SAP® SOLUTIONS FOR Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » sivco furs

Managing Global Trade Flows
In global trade, the flow of information must support the tracking and management of the goods to enable the secure and compliant entry and exit to and from

sivco furs  out to be more expensive if, for example, the wrong tariff code is applied. Importers can pay more than necessary if the paperwork omits mention of any one of dozens of preferential programs under which tariffs are cut, or waived altogether, owing to a slew of free trade agreements. Moreover, even more expensively, tariffs for some goods vary throughout the year, as low-tariff special quotas expire, with the end result being that what seemed a bargain when the purchase order was placed, could turn out Read More
Acquisitive Vendor Expands Its Enterprise Asset Management Potential
IFS has much to offer customers. Its IFS Applications suite now boasts an asset lifecycle management module for quick data retrieval. IFS also has a strong

sivco furs  name but a few asset-intensive ones. IFS Applications provides extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality, including customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), product lifecycle management (PLM), corporate performance management (CPM), EAM, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) capabilities. Translating these into major business processes, these solutions for engineering, manufacturing, service management, asset management, and so on, seamlessly work togeth Read More
Staying Competitive in the Changing Chemical Manufacturing Marketplace

sivco furs  improved workforce productivity and aggressively pursue additional margin through careful product pricing. All of this requires critical and timely information given today's rapidly changing economic outlook. When heading into soft economic times, many firms automatically cut expenditures across the board. It's an instinctive response to difficult economic conditions. Unfortunately, this response could lead a chemical firm - whose very expensive plant asset base requires decisions to be made with Read More
Good Customer Service Is Simple
Outstanding customer service is a competitive advantage. Most companies salute good customer service as a key objective. But in its simplest form, what is good

sivco furs  and it is very expensive. My expectations for this restaurant are very high. If they fail to meet my high expectations, I am not a happy customer. My expectations for these two establishments are very different, but in both cases, I measure my satisfaction against my expectations. What do your customers expect from you? How do you know? That’s simple, too: you ask them. If their expectations are different from yours, there’s a problem. It is very important that you have a mutual understanding. This Read More
i2 Enlists Honeywell in Process Industry Play
i2 Technologies will join forces with process control system maker Honeywell in a bid to expand its presence in the energy, chemicals, and pharmaceutical

sivco furs  develop and operate a comprehensive open electronic marketplace for aerospace products and services called MyAircraft.com. Both moves have the potential to greatly enhance i2's currently thin presence in the process manufacturing industry segment. Market Impact The decline in i2's revenue growth over the last few years is an inevitable result of its successful penetration of the complex, discrete manufacturing market, especially that of high tech electronics. i2 has attempted to deliver solutions for the Read More
Mill Industries: A Generic ERP Challenge
Mills are factories where value is added to raw material by processing it into a form suitable either for further manufacturing, or for immediate end-use

sivco furs  an enterprise system with incisive capabilities of scheduling and execution of work orders to draw, extrude, cable (and so on), and sequence production by attribute (for example, gauge, then light to dark). While production sequencing is critical to productivity and cost control, length management on the other hand is a key issue in production planning and control, since planning of the proper lengths of lower-level materials is required for end-product orders, considering factors such as put-ups, twist Read More
Process versus Discrete ERP Systems
Sorting out the differences between the two main types of manufacturing software can be mind-boggling for companies when searching for an ERP system. Companies

sivco furs  they often eliminate more expensive software systems without understanding the potential consequences. Discrete manufacturing software systems are often less expensive than process systems, and it's common for manufacturing companies to make the mistake of buying a discrete software package when it is most likely unable to address their unique business challenges. Another challenge in understanding software system differences is that discrete and process manufacturing systems look similar in several Read More
AspenTech Keeps on Enhancing aspenONE
Process industries often find the sophisticated software products from Aspen Technology (a.k.a., AspenTech) quite functional and useful in catering to their

sivco furs  marketing programs become very expensive. Making More Sense Although the company has offered a slew of highly specialist software products, today the vendor sells only a dozen or so of its principal products. AspenTech's software—which includes supplier collaboration, inventory management, production planning, and collaborative engineering functions—is currently offered under its umbrella aspenONE subscription service. There is a core aspenONE process engineering suite, while the complementing core Read More
e-Catalysts Delivers Digital Marketplace
e-Catalysts, Inc. launches its B2B digital marketplace with help from VerticalNet and Aspen Technology.

sivco furs  catalysts,home business,b2b industrial,b2b marketplace,b2b market,supply chain automation,b2b supply chain management,b2b portal,b2b supply chain,b2b advertising,manufacturers,catalyst,clothing manufacturing,supply chain software solutions,supply chain execution Read More
Responding to Warehouse Management Needs
The area of warehouse management systems and supply chain execution might be the best examples of Adonix' commitment to provide small and large businesses with

sivco furs  Both Organic Growers and Aggressive Consolidators Worlds series . To address SCE for users of its discrete and process manufacturing suites, Adonix ( http://www.adonix.com ), France's largest, privately owned enterprise solutions provider for medium manufacturers, provides three distinct offerings for automating warehouse activities, based on key factors such as transaction volumes and complexity of processing requirements. WMS and SCE might be the best examples of Adonix' commitment to providing its Read More
Skelta BPM Is Now TEC Certified
To obtain TEC certification, Invensys completed TEC’s detailed research questionnaire for Skelta BPM and went through a formal comprehensive product

sivco furs  went through a formal comprehensive product demonstration with TEC analysts. This demo provided TEC with a first-hand look at Skelta´s outstanding features and at the same time showed some of Skelta’s design principles for helping users design, deploy, operate, and monitor business process management projects. It also provided insight into how Skelta provides support for the more than one hundred features and functionality sets that TEC was particularly interested in taking a closer look at, to Read More
An Analyst's View of Process Industry SMB Challenges
Process manufacturing industries have distinct needs from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Here’s an overview of what process manufacturing

sivco furs  the same product be responsive to changes in raw product concentrations provide a dashboard that gives management real-time views of pertinent business processes allow for varying manufacturing methods, such as continuous, make-to-order, make-to-forecast, and engineer-to-order function equally well in discrete and process industry modes, with reliable software bridges between the two The extremely specialized nature of the process industries means that, among other factors, their regulatory compliance Read More
Agilisys Continues Agilely Post-SCT
From Agilisys' fresh start illustrated in new account wins, a profitable quarter, and new product enhancements; the market should expect at least a continuation

sivco furs  within the structure of comprehensive sales agreements. Financials Pursuant to the above events came the October 8 announcement of the company's first quarter results of fiscal year 2002, and first financial results as an independent, privately owned company. The quarter, which ended on August 31st, should therefore mark a profitable and exciting beginning with new client wins, existing client milestones, and a successful product launch. In addition to the above-mentioned new clients, the quarter was also Read More
Aspen Technology Evolves Into Digital Marketplace Provider
Founded in 1981 as a developer of computer-aided chemical engineering software, Aspen’s growth has resulted in a wide variety of applications for management and

sivco furs  a toolkit that requires extensive training when experienced modelers cannot be found. A broad footprint that invites competition on multiple fronts: The Plantelligence, Engineering and eSupply Chain suites are almost ungainly in their variety of applications. Judicious pruning of all but the most profitable applications is needed to better focus corporate resources. Vendor Predictions Moderate revenue growth (15-20% total revenue) during FY2001 fueled by market acceptance of Aspen's new digital Read More

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