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Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
The book "Agile Information Systems" unveils how modern companies can create and deploy agile information systems. Academic experts, researchers, and practitioners discuss the concept of agile information systems, the importance of the context of agility, and organizational management issues in the context of agile information systems.

Documents related to » massachusetts hazardous waste regulations

Preparing Yourself for the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts
Preparing Yourself for the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts.Search for Articles and Other Solutions to Characterize Your Comparison In Relation To Preparing Yourself for the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts. In a climate of economic crisis, federal and state governments are examining ways to evolve the health care system. One way is to adopt an electronic health record (EHR) system. A bill is in effect in the state of Massachusetts to facilitate EHR implementation in all doctors’ offices and hospitals by 2015. To find out how the EHR bill will affect administrative procedures and practices statewide, read this doctor’s guide.

MASSACHUSETTS HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS: the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts Preparing Yourself for the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts Source: P2E Scanning Services Document Type: White Paper Description: In a climate of economic crisis, federal and state governments are examining ways to evolve the health care system. One way is to adopt an electronic health record (EHR) system. A bill is in effect in the state of Massachusetts to facilitate EHR implementation in all doctors’ offices and hospitals by 2015. To find out how the EHR bill will affect
2/2/2009 2:50:00 PM

TEC Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide
You're a step ahead with TEC's Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer's Guide. While the need for sustainable development is affecting how organizations do business, the idea of environmental and corporate responsibility as value drivers is still relatively new. Many companies are just beginning to adopt an approach that provides measurable results. Learn how reducing waste and creating efficiencies within your company can make a difference to the environment, the economy, and your bottom line.

MASSACHUSETTS HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS: Decorated Products, a Westfield, Massachusetts-based maker of metal identification labels, decals, and roll labels, was started in 1950 by the father of the current president/owner, Jeff Glaze. As a family owned and operated business, Decorated embodies the traditional focus on customer service and the personal touch that has made the company an undisputed leader in its industry. But these traditional values have not stood in the way of innovation and efficiency. Decorated is a much leaner company than
4/2/2009 1:11:00 PM

Minimize waste and maximize profits: Willamette Valley
Lean manufacturing, which focuses on eliminating waste in the production process, has been called the production system of the twenty-first century. Learn how IFS’ lean manufacturing solution gives you the technology platform you need to make your lean initiative a success—and your business more profitable.

4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

Poor Data Quality Means A Waste of Money
Data quality sounds like a motherhood and apple pie issue, of course we want our data to be right. However, very few enterprises get serious about it. Maybe that's because the cost of data quality is hidden. That cost can be huge.


Case Study: Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping
A supplier to the automotive industry, Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping (GRS&S) implemented an innovative continuous improvement program. The goal: to make incremental improvements in quality, cost, delivery, safety, and morale. With over 8,000 employee-generated ideas now implemented, the company has saved over $1.2 million. Learn how improvements in GRS&S’s manufacturing processes reduce waste and improve the bottom line.

MASSACHUSETTS HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS: Plex Systems, Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping, manufacturing, manufacturing jobs, manufacturing production, process manufacturing, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, manufacturing management, manufacturing operations, quality manufacturing, manufacturing job, manufacturing services, manufacturing system, manufacturing systems, manufacturing processes, control manufacturing, manufacturing planning, project manufacturing, manufacturing practices, manufacturing tools, continuous quality improvement, flow manufacturing, manufacturing inventory, manufacturing training, ppt manufacturing, .
2/24/2010 12:37:00 PM

Vertical Marketing

MASSACHUSETTS HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS: Vertical Marketing, Inc. (VMI) is a privately owned company founded in 1985 and incorporated in January 1987. The vendor focuses exclusively on customer relationship management (CRM) system implementation and support. VMI is a certified Microsoft Business Partner and certified Sales Process Consultants, and holds certifications in a wide range of CRM products.VMI has been implementing CRM solutions for over twenty years, and has completed more than 1,000 CRM projects using such CRM titles as crmEZ, Microsoft CRM, crmGold.net, GoldMine, Sage CRM, SalesLogix, ACT!, Maximizer, Salesforce.com, and others. VMI’s staff consultants manage projects, design solutions, and conduct training. Its consultants are trained in sales and marketing processes and sales management as well as in CRM. VMI also has a technical team of engineers to implement the designs discussed in needs assessment meetings with consultants by configuring the systems and by directing the work of programmers. They offer system troubleshooting, as well as help desk support for customers. VMI programmers write any custom code needed for projects. This could include code for customizing systems, cleaning data, linking to other systems, etc. Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia (US), VMI has US regional offices in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Georgia, New York, New York, and Massachusetts, as well as an office in India.

Vertical Marketing, Inc

MASSACHUSETTS HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS: Vertical Marketing, Inc. (VMI) is a privately owned company founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1987. We focus exclusively on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system implementation and support. Our core competencies are in CRM software, implementation and support. We currently represent best of breed technologies including CRMGold.net, Microsoft CRM, GoldMine, SAGE, Sant Proposal and RFP Master, and HEAT Help Desk among many others.Our entire company is focused on providing you with a successful CRM project. Few firms can match the depth of our staff, our level of experience and expertise, or the implementation processes that we have honed over decades of CRM implementations.VMI is the experienced vendor of choice for CRM Rollouts with a successful track record of helping clients identify system objectives and effectively implementing a system to meet those objectives in a well-managed, cost-effective project. Here are some points that differentiate us from our competitors:VMI is the vendor and producer of crmEZ a dot net application with zero foot print on client systems. It is a server based system and has been deployed in large organizations . A certified Microsoft CRM practice and Microsoft Solutions Provider with MCSEs and programmers on staff. Recognized as one of the first VARs certified by Microsoft along with a seat on the first VAR council. VMI developed many of Microsoft's online CRM training materials. Received every award and certification offered by FrontRange Solutions/GoldMine VMI's President, David Lee is the co-author of Microsoft CRM for Dummies #1 VAR (out of 2,400 world wide) in calendar year 2000, and a perennial top-10 VAR. A Certified Sales Process Consultant with formal methodologies perfected with over 2 decades in the business.We are proud of our national footprint across the USA and affiliates worldwide providing you with assistance wherever your employees are. Our office locations include Manassas, VA (Washington, DC); Atlanta, Visakhapatnam-India, with satellite offices in Indiana and Missouri and Massachusetts.

Electrical Efficiency Measurement for Data Centers
Data center electrical efficiency is rarely planned or managed. The unfortunate result is that most data centers waste substantial amounts of electricity. Today, it is both possible and prudent to plan and measure data center efficiency. In addition to reducing electrical consumption, efficiency improvements can bring higher IT power densities. Learn how to describe, measure, and evaluate data center efficiency.

3/9/2009 1:25:00 PM


MASSACHUSETTS HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS: Cogep is a consulting firm specialized in the management of strategic assets for both public and private organizations since 1989. We provide in-depth expertise and world-class computerized management tools, support companies in activities related to planning, organization and control of the maintenance of strategic assets, (production equipment, vehicles, real estate and technological equipment), inventories and purchases. Backed by experience in the field, along with implementations throughout North America, Cogep has earned the reputation as a company that is close to its customers and that offers top-quality products and services. Since it designs the software, Cogep is constantly adapting and improving its product based on the needs of customers and market demands. Customers benefit from our approach and have immediate access to improvements through their service contracts, at no extra cost. Whether it is through Cogep or our network of partners, our objective is to provide software users with comprehensive support, from decision-making, implementation, to ongoing optimization of the solution. Our team is comprised of engineers, technicians, computer analysts and managers. These professionals, men and women in the field, are attuned to your exact needs; they know your environment and limits. Skilled in making quick and informed decisions, you can trust in our team’s expertise to find the right solution to your needs. Our software is currently in use by a wide range of customers who use it in one or more of the following situations: Production equipment: mines and steel, pulp and paper plants, saw mills, agri-food sector, manufacturers, water and waste treatment plants, petrochemical plants, etc. Building sector: government and municipal buildings, private buildings, shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, etc. Transportation: truck, bus, train or taxi fleets, municipal service vehicles, specialized heavy equipment, etc. Technological equipment: computing equipment, computerized amusement systems, production robots, specialized medical equipment, etc.

Lean Asset Management--Is Preventive Maintenance Anti-Lean?
How can we determine the right maintenance strategy for a specific asset? To meet the objectives of lean, we need to evaluate the cost of failure in terms of both not meeting business objectives and any extra cost due to the need for unplanned or even emergency repairs.

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MASSACHUSETTS HAZARDOUS WASTE REGULATIONS: Telerik, the publisher of the Sitefinity content management system (CMS), is a vendor of developer tools and components for .NET. These include controls and components for ASP.NET, asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Silverlight, WinForms, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), as well as .NET reporting and .NET ORM, Team Foundation Server (TFS), and Web application testing tools. Telerik serves thousands of customers from a variety of industries including Financial Services, Software, Communications, Government, Retail, Entertainment, and others. Telerik customers include Fortune 500 companies, as well as educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions. The company is headquartered in Sofia (Bulgaria), and Newton, Massachusetts (US).

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