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Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
Agile Information Systems: Conceptualization, Construction, and Management
The book "Agile Information Systems" unveils how modern companies can create and deploy agile information systems. Academic experts, researchers, and practitioners discuss the concept of agile information systems, the importance of the context of agility, and organizational management issues in the context of agile information systems.

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Cascade Engineering
Today's cost conscious automotive environment requires that information technology (IT) projects be implemented rapidly, be delivered on time and on budget, and meet or exceed expected return on investment (ROI) projections. Learn how Cascade Engineering increased its efficiency and eliminated waste in virtually every aspect of its business, and saw cost savings of $500,000 per year as a result of business process improvement.

ASPEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOFTWARE: case, QAD, Cascade, automative, inventory.
4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

E-collaboration for Global Engineering
Electronics enterprises must respond to business drivers such as reduced time to market, technological innovation, and distributed operations and cost control to remain competitive. Effective collaboration among internal engineering and manufacturing, as well as external suppliers and distributors, requires great effort. But an engineering collaboration solution can help teams work together in real time. Learn how.

2/27/2009 11:54:00 AM

Engineering Supply Chain Data Exchange
Industries involved in outsourcing and collaboration know that accurate data translation is fundamental to a project’s successful completion. Valuable engineering and manufacturing product data must be exchanged quickly and efficiently while protecting corporate assets—but with older technology, this is not always possible. Learn more about a number of integration solutions that can help you reengineer your supply chain.

9/13/2007 11:34:00 AM

Wilden Pump & Engineering
Wilden began to investigate several customer relationship management (CRM) packages in the market including: Maximizer Enterprise, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Pivotal and Oracle. The Company knew it would require some customization assistance from the vendor but it also wanted the capability to manage the new technology in-house. Maximizer Enterprise was the only one that was flexible enough-it fit their sales channel model and had the knowledgeable Professional Services staff that the Wilden team felt comfortable with - along with the overall package to fit within their budget.

4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

CXInsight for Electronics

ASPEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOFTWARE: CXInsight is a highly specialized product lifecycle management (PLM) system and e-collaboration tool for the electronics industry. CXInsight is designed to help project managers, development managers, and engineering managers to manage information streams during design, engineering, and production-along the entire supply chain. The solution also includes e-collaboration tools and a Web-based client/server system that operates independently of operating system or software application. CXInsight is specifically developed for handling fast changing data in development, engineering, and new product introduction (NPI). It allows teams to work on projects together, in a secure Internet environment, regardless of geographic location, language, or time zone.


ASPEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOFTWARE: The software is widely used and renowned in the service industry, with a large customer base in accounting, engineering, software engineering, architecture, research consultants, business consultants and multimedia. We use Crystal Reports to customize your reports and simplify your management. We also offer training to make sure you are well-prepared to make the most of Abak. Our team has over 125 years of combined experience in accounting, project management, IT development, custom software development, and consultation. Abak is a business management system for professional services firms. Abak is the most flexible time and billing system in the industry. Support multiple currencies, multiple invoice formats, and dozens of rates. Abak connects your employee’s time and expenses to your invoices, your payroll and your accounting systems, automatically

The Future of Product Engineering Outsourcing (PEO)
A recent study found that outsourced engineering services are expected to increase to $1.1 trillion by the end of 2020. This is a dramatic increase compared to the $750 billion in services by the year 2004. Further, the study showed that significant increases are expected in automotive, aerospace, utilities, and telecommunications. Find out what’s driving these trends and how they affect your company.

3/15/2010 6:24:00 AM


ASPEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOFTWARE: Datastay’s DMS solution is a component-based system that manages product information, project workflow, and engineering changes. Each of its tools provides integral support to your processes and projects: The Datastay DMS solution helps companies organize, access, and utilize their product information. The solution is entirely web-native, so information managed by the system is globally accessible in real-time. This allows a variety of employees; from engineering teams and manufacturing operations to sales personnel and customers to retrieve the information they require quickly and easily. Information used throughout a project's life-cycle is dynamic. In this sense, it goes through a number of modifications, reviews, and approval processes. The Datastay DMS helps companies manage this process through its workflow management system. Extremely customizable, this system allows you to set and follow the roadmap a project takes through to completion. The Datastay DMS solution also manages the engineering change process. Every engineering change involves a series of events that require different individuals to perform different tasks. Through the DMS, this process becomes more structured, efficient, and effective. The centralized working environment and automation tools improve collaboration, enable immediate access to decision support documents, and reduce idle time between tasks. Automatically created change history reports also help you to conform to the guidelines of international standards organizations (such as ISO and QS).


ASPEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOFTWARE: Founded in 1988, Visibility Corporation provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and services to customers in North America, the United Kingdom (UK), Western Europe, and Asia Pacific. With hundreds of clients worldwide, Visibility has more than 20,000 users. Visibility's solutions are designed to help manage business with employees, partners, and customers while meeting multisite and international requirements. By integrating manufacturing, engineering, vendor, and financial data throughout an enterprise, Visibility solutions can help organizations access critical information at any point in the quote, design, engineering, manufacturing, or field service processes. Visibility is based in Andover, Massachusetts (US).

Administering Responsible Inheritance Engineering
For many projects, the transition from initiative to production is chaotic and lacks a pragmatic framework for ongoing support. Inheritance Engineering offers a means for carrying out change in a reliable fashion and retaining as much value as possible throughout the life of the software. Unfortunately, this does not occur for a variety of reasons. Find out what those reasons are, and how to address software maintenance.

10/8/2009 4:04:00 PM


ASPEN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOFTWARE: BUSINESS FIRST is an open and visual application factory integrating business process management (BPM) and model-driven engineering (MDE) innovative technologies.

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