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Staying Competitive in the Changing Chemical Manufacturing Marketplace

access chemical inventory database  the risk of fast access to mission critical information. In a 2007 survey Forrester Research found that on average, chemical firms spent 2.5% of revenue on IT with 72% of the IT budget on ongoing IT operations. As more business processes are managed electronically, the cost to maintain and upgrade existing systems becomes a key issue. If not dealt with appropriately, it can hamper a company's ability to react to industry change. The increasing complexity of the chemical industry, coupled with uncertain Read More
Process Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as...
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Documents related to » access chemical inventory database

Data Conversion in an ERP Environment
Converting data in any systems implementation is a high wire act. Converting data in an ERP environment should only be undertaken with a safety net, namely a

access chemical inventory database  companies can provide query access to the system being replaced for an interim period until sufficient history has been established. General Ledger History No practical advantages. If this is needed in ERP database, data entry too intensive to be realistic. Field to field translation is consistent and straight forward. Requires programming effort of a low to moderate nature. If comparable financial data is needed for reporting (year-to-date, last year, etc.), electronic conversion is the only realistic Read More
SCT Corporation Means (e)Business For Process Manufacturing
SCT has announced more e-commerce offerings for the process industries, including an expanded vision for their iProcess.sct solution called 'Collaboration in

access chemical inventory database  customer service capability, and access to e-commerce applications via wireless technology. Central to SCT's product announcements are Interactive Customer Assistance components of iProcess.sct. These will enable real-time customer interaction through SCT's sell-side Internet commerce solution. Using these solutions, SCT claims that enterprises can extend Internet commerce applications with live on-line communications and call-center capabilities. Functionality includes instant messaging, live chat, Read More
EAM versus CMMS: What's Right for Your Company
This article looks at where computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) end and enterprise asset management (EAM) takes over, focusing on features and

access chemical inventory database  by which to customize access to the software. This customization includes screen views, database queries, and report layouts. Personal portals cover the most common functions and features required by maintenance technicians. The end result is an easier assimilation and use of the software and can smooth the learning curve. As will be discussed later in this series, a major differentiator of EAM software is the RCM concept, which is supported by both IFS and Intentia. With input from Daryl Mather's Read More
SciQuest and eMolecules Partner to Deliver Reagent Management Solution
In its early days in the 1990s during the first wave of trading exchanges (anyone still remember the crash and burn of Commerce One?), SciQuest used to help

access chemical inventory database  inventory should provide faster access to chemicals and reduce purchase, carrying, and disposal costs of redundant inventory. Environmental health & safety (EHS) and regulatory approvals, tracking, and reporting built into the process should improve compliance and inventory accuracy. For the seller, participation might provide larger volumes of deals that can be in ounce, pint, or quart quantities so that it can better forecast its product quantities and assortments. Read More
Database Development
Expectations of the business community from the database development domain are high, but slightly unsettled. The customer community worldwide needs to

access chemical inventory database   Read More
Inventory Reduction: Effectively Turning Excess Into Cash
In virtually all manufacturing companies, there is a direct correlation between inventory levels and overall business performance. In fact, CEO's and CFO's

access chemical inventory database  Inventory Reduction,inventory planning,control system,inventory investment,Excess Inventory,inventory turnover,inventory planning processes,effective monitoring,Rapid Inventory Reduction,Inventory Quality Ratio,iqr logic,Rapid Inventory Reduction Methodology,inventory reduction benefits,inventory reduction methods,reducing inventory Read More
Lean Inventory by the Numbers
Getting lean is not a simple task; it requires an aggressive, iterative approach to examine complex tradeoffs. And given the number of variables that

access chemical inventory database   Read More
Best Practices for Deploying Oracle Database 10g on Pillar Storage
Growing demands on storage management system requirements can run counter to your need to lower costs. With Database 10g, Oracle introduced new features that

access chemical inventory database   Read More
Challenges and Future Plans of a Product Inventory Disposition Vendor
Despite FreeFlow's success at helping organizations regain some margin of profitability for excess inventory, the company still strives for expansion and

access chemical inventory database  Reseller Marketplace, and thus access the tens of thousands of eBay PowerSellers registered to purchase there. eBay's Reseller Marketplace (which is owned and operated by eBay but is separate from eBay.com ) is a marketplace where eBay PowerSellers can bid on inventory for resale. Open only to eBay PowerSellers, this marketplace provides access to inventory in lots for purchase directly from manufacturers, liquidators, and wholesalers. Also, although FreeFlow has no problem pointing out the tangible Read More
Oracle Database 11g for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Oracle Database 11g is a database platform for data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) that includes integrated analytics, and embedded integration and

access chemical inventory database  data warehouse,data warehouse architecture,data warehouse concepts,data warehouse software,data warehousing analysis,data warehouse community,data warehouse automation,data warehousing olap Read More
Demystifying Network Access Control
Imagine this scenario: an infected laptop within your company has accessed the network and is spreading malicious code to thousands of other devices. This

access chemical inventory database  Network Access Control Imagine this scenario: an infected laptop within your company has accessed the network and is spreading malicious code to thousands of other devices. This incident could cripple any business, but with network access control (NAC) products, companies can rest a little easier. NAC’s ability to measure, enforce, and report on an array of security issues has gained it attention amongst security conscious organizations. Read More
Is There a Smarter Way to Handle Excess Active and Obsolete Inventory?
Imagine the convenience of a 24x7 intranet marketplace where companies could sell off their inventory to the highest bidder. FreeFlow is one such business

access chemical inventory database  speed and anytime, anywhere access. To refresh our memories, according to Wikipedia , reverse auction (also called procurement auction , e-auction , sourcing event , e-sourcing , or eRA ) is a B2B tool used in industrial procurement. It is a type of auction in which the roles of the buyer and seller are reversed with the primary objective of driving purchase prices downward. While in an ordinary auction buyers compete for the right to obtain a good, in a reverse auction, sellers compete for the right to Read More
Access Management: Efficiency, Confidence and Control
Managing access to protected resources can be risky business as new applications and services are deployed, as new users join the extended enterprise, or as

access chemical inventory database  Confidence and Control Managing access to protected resources can be risky business as new applications and services are deployed, as new users join the extended enterprise, or as existing users change roles. Strategy and technology choices—along with the policy, planning, process, and organizational elements of implementation—are critical factors in the overall success of an organization’s access management initiative. Read More
Inventory Management Report: Driving the Fastest ROI for the Mid-market
Large enterprises have different warehouse management and inventory management needs than do small and mid-market companies. Find out about the key factors to

access chemical inventory database   Read More

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